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Turismo y Naturaleza

What to see in L'Estartit

L'Estartit is a magnificent destination to enjoy a few days of active tourism. The fabulous seabed of the Medes Islands stands out, a large reserve of marine fauna and flora considered one of the most remarkable areas of natural interest in the entire Mediterranean.

This environment makes l'Estartit a fantastic place to enjoy all kinds of water sports (sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, etc). The Montgrí Natural Park is also a magnificent space for excursions and visiting the wetlands area, the picturesque fortified farmhouses and delving into the beautiful landscapes of l'Empordà.

Nature is the quality mark par excellence of l'Estartit. Fine sandy beaches, quiet coves hidden among forests, cliffs with views of the Illes Medes, sunsets under fields of sunflowers and of course we cannot forget to mention the Aigüamolls del Baix Ter, an area in full recovery of the environment, perfect for raising awareness about how Give back to nature what is yours.

Its recent history speaks of a town that lived from the sea. From a fishermen's settlement that from the 18th century, when piracy ceased, in a short time became fruitful thanks to the richness of these waters. Another boost to its economy came with the port. With it came the possibility of sending local products apart from fish such as corn, wheat or rice from the fields of Pals to markets such as Barcelona. Today, as in many other corners of the Costa Brava, one of its main economic activities is tourism. Especially family tourism and those professionals and fans of diving and the sea.